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He stands strong as the winds gust and blow about

A fearless soul on a high mountain

Warrior anchored in Heaven’s Hope

Stillness within, where the knowledge of God rests

Messiah’s peace the true Spirit wind that moves body, soul and spirit

Lifts the heart and carries the mind

To places of quiet very high above the dust and clouds

Where endurance and suffering in the Kingdom Truth

Is fully embraced.

The  earthly winds of change howl and wail

Violence and deceit seem to have their own way,

But in essence fall flat like human words to the ground

Like a rock of anger in hatred thrown

That hits only the dirt with a thud.

Powerful angels stand unseen at the world’s four corners

Ready to snuff out all wind

A deathly, stagnant calm will settle on the nations

Until the Sword of Justice flashes

And separates a once proud nation from North to South

Splitting far apart the Mississippi River Valley

Never again to be joined and healed

Never again to be united.