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Silence captures another moment,

While a voice of caring goes out

Words of love freely given from the heart

Often met, answered only by silence,

Even friends once thought of dearly

Seem to turn their backs

Then fade away;

The covenant Church Family often lost as well at times of real need.

Separation in pain

As the face turns alone towards Heaven

Eyes closed to the dark clouds near and above

Yet, drops of rain fall all around

Strike the face

Strike the head and the body,

Water streams down

Tears of sadness blend in

And the heart cries out- “Lord, why?”.

Then as the water soaks through the outer covering

An understanding, a reminder as intuition settles upon the mind-

“As I walked the earth, so do you,

As I was ignored, misunderstood and belittled

So will you be,

As I set my face like flint

Now, so can you!”.