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Each step draws closer

The path of faith leads higher

Narrow trail of obedience,

Perseverance has marked the way

Enlightened endurance has taken hold of it

The Voice that calls

The Voice that is heard

Purest sounds received by the human spirit

Inner stirrings

Outer embraces.

In the darkness of this world

The many valleys shadowed by death,

A lamp for the feet is given as written

A Light for our path lived out, as often sung beautifully;

Many have surged as a vast throng at  first

But with each footstep higher

The crowds became thinner

New songs of praise grow less and weaker

Sounds of worship gradually faint,

Even at times with a sense of being nearly alone.

But the heart always knows

The Holy One stands always near

Shepherd at the side

Hand held tightly,

In God’s wisdom, the eyes see very far

Stark and most dramatic beauty

Rugged and raw at times

Yet, the Spirit of Beauty covers securely

Keeps warmth and comfort very close

As each challenge grips, each stretch of the arms and legs

Each rock, every icy cliff and sheer face

Tense clutch of the hands,

Yet, higher and farther

Above and beyond all human strength

We finally stand atop another mountain

This victory, this sweetest taste for the soul,

Triumph shared in the battle already won by another

The greatest war finished, journey of safety already completed by a friend

Even the One who loves

Who enables each of our steps in life higher and closer

To Him;

Soon, very soon we will rise to the top of the highest mountain ever

Victorious Mountain of Messiah Yeshua’s resurrection!

      “Oh Lord, make my mountain very strong.” -Psalm 30