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The abundance of every new day

Lies waiting

As fields ripe for harvest

Or fruit heavy on the branches,

Goodness in the eyes of the Lord of Heaven and Earth

Looks down from Heaven’s Throne

Pierces the heart and soul of each splendid human

Loved by the King of Love

Delight of the Lord

As His hands reach out

Seek to touch with favor

Seek to establish footsteps

With infinite care and purpose,

Our paths daily kept safe

Our futures held securely

Hope that deepens

Hope that becomes richer, fuller

When we prayerfully draw near

With each thought, each word

Each act in faith

Everything as a living prayer of intimacy

Offered to the One who truly cares,

A mutual celebration of life in eternal embrace

Friendship and fellowship joined together

As our lips and hearts cry out to Him

In praise, in worship and in thanksgiving

For the wealth of His life poured out

Each day, for us,

Our prayers mixed with Heaven’s divine incense

Rise before the Majestic Throne of our God.