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He wraps eternity about Himself

As a cloak of infinite mystery

Creator of all

Who spoke all out of nothing,

Word made flesh

God of mercy and kindness.

Human minds fail to imagine

Human words fail to describe

Speechless in the Presence of absolute power and beauty

Consuming Light of the Glory revealed

From the only Throne

From the Face of brilliance

From the blazing eyes that see all,

A clear standing pool of the Universe nearby

While a river of fire flows beneath the Glory Throne

Emerald rainbows radiate all about.

The Lord who is Truth

Shows His love in Himself

And in the rebirth of one human spirit at a time

Those souls chosen before the first sunrise

Even as father Abraham

Even as Isaac and Jacob

As Noah’s son Shem

Even as Jerusalem before its king Melchizedek.

Those foreknown to believe

Destined to receive Heaven’s everlasting Gift

Knowledge of reality in divine life

Purpose in meaning

Meaning in purpose

Enabled by the Redeemer’s Cross

Reality through death to self, baptism into new life

Resurrection in the Creator

The God of all detail

Who cares for everyone,

What His hands have made.

Time is now a mist, a thin veil, a vapor on Earth;

In His robes of Majesty

Eternity wraps about as the countless stars

Of the countless galaxies,

Eternity that expands about His Kingdom

Clothes the Third Heavens

In purest Light of countless angels

In purest hearts

In purest Words from our God’s Throne.