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The heart trembles in reverence

At the consuming fire

The Light of Holiness

Glory of our Father

Holy Spirit knowledge of His Son;

In the fear of the Lord the most pure wisdom revealed

We will see Him

Look into the blazing eyes of Eternal Beauty

Look into the joyfulness of conquering love

That wrapped arms about our lives

Poured purist oil upon every worldly wound

Salve for each scar of physical and emotional suffering

Each and every tear of pain,

The Shepherd calmed the waters of such turbulent lives.

Our human nature so self-destructive

At war with itself

At war with others,

All human effort alone helpless, futile and vain!

We wander through this endless desert

Or walk through a thick forest in circles of foolishness

Or struggle through a knotted jungle of intellect

Even lost upon the highest mountain blind to honesty

Lost as well in river valleys of self-pity far and wide,

No hope, no purpose seen, no meaning left to hold onto;

But, divine love has broken through

Torn wide open the impossible covering veil of darkness,

True love has overcome.

Most powerful love of God has been clearly shown

The shocking display on a Jerusalem hill outside the city gate

And the heart trembles, speechless,

The wonder of the infinitely complex Universe now simply made known

To a woman raised up from the dust of the earth,

A man to be called a son- such wonder!

Yes, even to be called a daughter of Jerusalem- a delight

Awesome things far beyond greatness

From within the Radiant Emerald Rainbow

Unapproachable Light of Splendor

The brilliance of Majesty

A hand that reaches out,

To touch us in Heaven’s all powerful love

Then to touch the ones I love the same.