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In my simple needs

As a man in this nation America,

A son, a brother, a nephew, a husband and father

A grandfather

A willing friend to others,

The soul does hunger

The spirit often thirsts

In my honest needs

My prayers rise up to Heaven

I know, in a blend of finest incense,

And I bow transparent before my Lord

As humility surrenders all, I bow down.

Then deepest yearning swells within

Longings once forgotten return

The mind begins to dart about anxiously

Until that gentle touch reaches out

And a calm is restored

Tender, kind words are spoken

Comfort and reassurance strengthens

And I know throughout my being

Once more I am refreshed and reminded,

That I fully know, in His greatness

My God will supply,

By my Savior’s hand and through my Savior’s love

In His greatness, My God will supply all of our needs.


Insatiable, selfish world

Never ever satisfied

Never enough in stomach and in hand

Such rebellious appetites

Insatiable and reckless world

Consumes and them consumes even more

Empty lives, empty hearts as human shells

Scattered all about the face of the Earth;

I can find no trust in earthly riches

I can find no rest in material worldly wealth.

This insatiable world always feeds only itself

Then turns again on itself in violent War!

But my God of Peace

My Holy God of Love

Supplies all of my needs

More than satisfies

Now and into eternity by our true Savior

From day to day through our ever present Messiah

He supplies all of our needs!

Daily prayers of many rise up once more into the finest incense

An aroma gathers about His Throne

Comfort in abundance draws us near in tenderness

More prayers mixed with praise rise up

Worship in gladness, in everlasting confidence,

And my compassionate God always draws closer to me, to us all.

I ask and He hears and I trust

New songs of praise and thanksgiving follow

Yes, I ask and seek and find

I trust

Then His greatness draws so very near

Closer to His side

Where He will always supply all of our needs!