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Since sunset darkness lingers

All through the night it stalks,

And then, suddenly it is broken

Freedom lights up once more.

We learn to watch by Heaven’s Light

We grow each day

Every step that is taken

Golden path through each and every day

We are alert to what is seen and unseen

Prayerfully more oil always ready for our lamps,

Souls shine so brightly

Even in this dark and selfish world

As we watch and pray

Sharpen our spirits night and day the same,

Second Day, revived and renewed

On this Third Millennial Day, soon to be raised up.

Heaven’s Season now upon us

Signs above, signs below

Storms clouds on every side

Violent armies walk the land

Blood flows in abundant tragedies

Each life destroyed as a life stolen,

No pleasure in Heaven at the death of anyone who dies.

Soon a command will shake Heaven and Earth

A most powerful sickle is swung

And holy angels flood the nations,

Sort and gather

With eyes that pierce every living soul.