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A gentle stir

The tender nudge of a true lover

A husband, a wife with a touch of intimate care

Much as dew settling on the grass like jewels

Rich cool evening moisture in the summer night air,

Caresses of honest gentle encouragement

Soothe and comfort.

Now, a different warmth within rises

While the distant peaceful Voice draws us near

This familiar Voice lifts the spirit from slumber

Awakens the heart

And challenges the soul-

“Awake my beloved one,

Much work yet to be done.

The fruit is waiting

Heavy on the vine,

Awake my beloved

Your good task before you

In prayer and in actions of faith

Kingdom works to honor the Father wait to be done”.

Yes, on this good day

Its dawning light

Shining brighter and brighter with new Heavenly Light

With Holy Spirit power, our gift embraced,

And authority of the Greatest Name

Yeshua Messiah drives all the darkness away!