In the end

Who will stand true in faith

Who will stand strong in hope

Who will remain pure in body, soul and spirit

Who will be left to love and be loved,

To honor the Author of Life?

As the winds of change on Earth become more violent,

Evil and the “evil one” parade triumphantly through the city streets,

The leadership of most nations corrupt with a rotten stench,

Who will face down the enemy of mankind on earth

Stand firm in divine strength in your own house

Refuse to shrink from the intimidations of death

Anywhere and at any time,

Even as those once thought close become your enemies;

Who will remain fearless as a young lion?

Only the few, surrounded by the many

Only the few, sword of the Spirit in hand

Only the few, bowed before the Throne of Heaven

The few destined for glory

The few who will yet face the darkest wars-

Hatred against love

Lies against truth

Chaos against Messiah’s peace

A bloody war against all saints

Who love the King of the Jews

Jerusalem and the remnant Jacob,

In the shortened days of the Beast and his Beast Kingdom!