The word “WHY” resounds sharply within

But the answer is already known

The heart and soul long ago prepared

Just as the clothes are worn

Just as food and drink taken in daily by the body

The good answers radiate in honest light

Boldly, fearlessly seen in bright eyes

That gently carry God’s Truth

Eyes that shine from a soul that holds treasure

Divine spiritual reality

And a supernatural confidence

Faithful grasp on life that is true life!

If one is able, his feet flee persecution

Wings to carry, to shelter in another American town or village,

Another temporary place, safety for a short while

Until the devil imprisons some more

In a fateful test for a few days,

These who “do not love their lives so much

As to shrink from death”.


A small cloud hovers on the distant horizon

Then, a gathering of others drifts closer

Almost in simple natural beauty

A light sprinkle begins to rain down

Barely enough to wet the flowers and grass,

And then thunder off in another direction is heard

And flashes, followed by more rumbling above

Suddenly a torrent is unleashed

Heavy, heavy rain as we scatter

Strong winds and even large hail

And the lands of nations tremble.


Voices of reason

Voices of tolerance and acceptance

Eventually give way to those who cleverly divide

Who then invite chaos to control, to manipulate

Who begin to celebrate the violent sword of divisions,

And those many who hold to truth and a God of Truth

Are subtly herded, as sheep with lambs drawn together

Then forcefully isolated, set glaringly apart,

Violence follows as their blood flows

As evil lusts for even more blood,

That of the “saints and prophets

And of all who have been killed on the earth”.

Mystery Babylon who rides the Beast

Insatiable Harlot

Soon to be ruined

Soon to be crushed

By the darkest Beast of all kingdom beasts

Just as it was spoken

Just as it was written

So long ago,

Now beginning to be seen

With our own eyes!