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An eternal place of rest

Temple of lasting peace

Shelter entered long ago

As a young man showered by Holy Spirit revelation

Divine mysteries steadily made known,

True Heavenly wisdom the only worthy cry and desire,

Earthly riches and treasures

All selfish wealth as vanity cast aside

Even as King Solomon prayed and wrote,

Repeated now in a more humble reckoning

While in a final gasp of will

The choice of reality freely given.

Then, miraculously the peace and joy of Holy Spirit rebirth received

Even when all hope lost

Nothingness, called death gripped

Worldly status quo, common delusional spiritual blindness.

As the only Messiah’s resurrected life is made known

Sublime mysterious splendor of Yeshua slowly unveiled,

In the brilliance of new Light

His eternal majestic reality pours out upon inner eyes beginning to see,

The Prince of Peace royally crowned

With the Universe and more as King and Creator.

His crown worn with such open joy

Radiant face, flowing hair of supernatural white,

My greatest pleasure now-

To bow before our King,

My Lord and my King!