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Eyes can now see

Ears can now hear

Hearts can know Him,

Even as we are known!

“Spirits sing

The greatness of the Lord

I sing

The greatness of the Lord

We all sing

The greatness of the Lord

We all shout

The greatness of our Lord!”

Angels in beauty encircle the Throne

In praise without number

The angels all bow down,

The redeemed of the Lord

Humans without number glow with the Light of Messiah

Men and women joyful as children of God

In overwhelming praise, all bow down,

Honored ones, gifted ones behold Heaven’s Glory

To worship the Father

To worship His Son

Thoughts and perceptions beyond earthly understanding

Or imaginations,

Only by the Spirit

Holy, Holy Spirit

Only by Yeshua’s Spirit

Only by the Spirit can we begin to see and hear

The things of highest Heaven

Higher than any or all

Above, as a mountain that towers above the Universe

Summit lost in thick clouds of Glory

The very things of our God

High above the created Earth.

Light from the Father

Light through the Son

Holy Spirit Light given

And we begin to see

We reach out to receive

We begin to truly understand

What “life” really is

Our eternal life, in worship and service

In continual honor and praise of our Holy God and King!