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(* add your own melody…)

1. A sleepless night

With tears in prayer

You hold me close,

A sleepless night

Your Spirit near

In revelation prayer.

2.  What would I do

What could I say

Your love carries me

Through every day

The path I walk

In and throughout each day.

3.  The stress of life

Weight of cares cover me

Endless needs in waves

Weight of cares over me

The stress of life

Endless needs in every way.

CHORUS:  And I, too just bow down

Lift my arms up in praise

Set eyes on Heaven’s way

Then I, too just bow down

Hands reach to touch my King

I bow down, then stand tall.

“If you seek it as silver, and search for it as hidden treasure,

the you will discover the knowledge of God and discern the fear of the Lord.”