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Chorus: Caught up in joy

             Caught up in love

             Heaven does speak

             Heaven does seek

             Our lives are all

             Caught up in love.

1.  Mercy rains down on us

     We now stand in such peace

     We now stand in such strength

     ‘Cause mercy did rain down.

2.  Caught up high as a cloud

     Purest white as a cloud

     Safe in our Father’s arms

     Every tribe, every nation.

3.  Rapture blink of His eye

     Ready before the King

     Watchful ones look above

     Eyes always on our King.

4.  Please come soon  Holy Lord

     Hearts long, come soon for us

     Our spirits yearn for You

     Please come soon Messiah.

      “…caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.” -1Thessalonians