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(*add your own melody…)

Chorus: Keeping watch at the door

             Keeping watch more and more

             Keep alert, watching

             Keep alert, watching.

1.  Wide awake on a sleepy day

     As I walk along the narrow road

     Only path of peace

     Only path of peace.

2.  Hand reaches out to touch a soul

     True love makes my heart to act out

     To love this poor man,

     Love that woman, too.

3.  A race run to the very end

     Won’t give up till the very end

     I will win this race

     Win this race of faith.

4.  Faith grows much stronger day to day

     His Light grows brighter day by day

     Final goal at hand

     Precious goal at hand.

Repeat chorus:


The world passes by as but a blur

All its wealth just an illusive blur

Sadly, a fruitless seed

As but a fruitless seed.

But I stand complete in His sight

A finished work in His Holy Light

Spirit sings- “I am free,

Forever, forever free.”

   Gary Bertnick