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1.  He takes the Word

     Holds it tight

     Reads the Word

     Holds it tight

     Brings it near to the heart

     Draws it so very close.


   And a fragrance rises

   Aroma of God

   A fragrance rises

   Truth of our God

   A pure Spirit revealed

   Enters my heart, my soul.

2.  Words are read

     Stories known

     The Master’s Word

     A common book

     The Simple book flows forth

     Living Word deep within.

3.  Truth becomes warmth

     In a cold world

     Truth becomes strength

     In a weak place

     Truth becomes inner Light

     In a dark, barren land.

          “***And joy rises within

          Gladness pours into laughter

          What blessings truly are

          What happiness means

          Eyes begin to dance in brightness

          Faces carry a new glow

          A soothing wind blows on a very hot day

          Powerful words that calm

          As sea waves crash the shore,

          Holy winds from Heaven

          As Living Words are spoken

          And all the Earth bows down.”

   Gary Bertnick