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(*Add your own melody…)

1. Walk of faith

    Walk of love

    Every good from above

    What we see

    What we do

    In every good from above.


Chorus:  Hearts now sing

              Spirits dance

              Souls rejoice in new love

              One who watches every step

              Hand of love on our head

              As we walk hand in hand

              To the House of our God.


2. Peace flows in

    Love flows out

    Tender care of His love

    What we drink

    What we taste

    Gentle touch from above.


3. Touch of love

    Touch of joy

    Kiss of truth from above

    Hold my hand

    I’ll hold yours

    Shepherd’s faith from above.

          “I am the good Shepherd.  I know my sheep and my sheep know Me.”

   Gary Bertnick