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             DEATH  HOVERS

I stand and quietly watch

As a beautifully colored  hummingbird floats about

In search of a special blossom

Seeking life’s nectar,

High above a gentle wind moves the morning clouds along

At a distance trees gently sway

New morning light plays off the leaves

As the day’s new and tender song is given birth.

Then, suddenly, this tiny bird darts against the nearby Chapel door

And drops to the ground;

In a stunned moment of disbelief

The mind rings with “what” and “why”,

My hand cups the little bird as it vibrates slightly

Its striking feathers still move and twitch

As death settles into the tiny body,

Then, all breath and movement is gone!

The sharp sword of a moment

Flashes with a piercing light,

Nations at war once more

Turmoil and division within

Chaos without,

Every currency in debt fraud moves as a powerful controlling weapon,

Spiritual hunger seems to wander aimlessly about the planet

Seeking, but not finding

Looking but not understanding,

A famine covers the land

A famine for the Living Bread, the Word of God.

Too few truly desire Truth

Even fewer truly love Truth

And the God of Truth…

Death stalks our land

Death hovers about all our states and cities

And only God’s hand of mercy

Can save any one of us

From His Sword of Final Judgment!