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Hearts and lives adrift

Without direction on an open sea

Without the essence of guiding purpose and meaning

Lives of random impulses

Momentary appetites and thirsts shifting in Earth time

Restless wandering

No peace to be found

Perplexing hunger drives the soul

Countless mysteries remain only fleeting thoughts.

Yet, God the Lord has spoken

Truth reflected in everything,

Everyone He has made,

From the most intricate and complex

To the sublimely simple

Creation always in the palm of His hand.

True eternal love has always been a shelter

The Shepherd’s staff always ready;

A Voice still thunders throughout the Universe

And beyond-

“It is finished!”

Angels without number fall to their faces

Reverence displayed beyond our understanding.

Fallen ones danced a perverse dance

The “prince of arrogant pride” only gloated;

Three days later

A bruised heel crushed the ugliest head,

In eternal freedom of the perfection of beauty

Heaven’s Gift is shown to all.

Now as tasted in the Holy Spirit

As recorded in the Holy Scripture

Soon to be divinely, personally revealed

To many others throughout the nations,

Even India, even Israel…

      Gary Bertnick