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“The Earth is full of your lovingkindness, O Lord.” Psalm 119

As unforgiving as the hot sun on a blistering work day

One nation, one kingdom faces another

Brother against brother

Neighbors and families turned into their worst enemies;

Mercy so rare, just as humility,

An impossible human search

Mercy so hard to be found

Like gold deep within the ground

And diamonds even more difficult to discover.

The heart yearns

The mind longs within the soul

Oh, that hidden treasure could somehow be found!

When human nature collapsed into a pile of dung

Nothing but a dried cow pie upon the earth,

God our Creator stood up from His Royal Throne

And humbled Himself to look upon the Earth

Compelled by His compassionate love

He descended beneath the “clouds of glory”

Then, much further beneath the clouds of water vapor

And stood for a long, distressing season upon the desert floor,

Final tender mercy revealed true caring love

From Messiah’s Cross forgiveness was displayed and taught.

Suddenly, in humility, a new man learned to truly forgive

A new woman drank from the same cup and learned to show lasting mercy

And both obtained divine mercy,

In a gentle touch of Heaven revealed,

Spirit revelation more than silver or gold or diamonds

Or any other treasure hidden;

Divine Mercy in a new life of spiritual rebirth given freely

Given, and now humbly received.

   “Blessed are the merciful, for they will obtain mercy.”

   “Be merciful as your Heavenly Father is merciful.”