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Delight of parents in a baby

Hope for wonderful things as the child matures

Then, suddenly a monster unfolds,

Destined for greatness

A nation becomes a home for demons

Once a great mountain on the Earth

Yet, fallen so far

Tears have been shed until the eyes run dry

Sorrow over the darkness crushing all the good

America, a nation filled by evil spirits

“A haunt for every unclean bird”.

Light was once sown like seed

Now trampled beneath callused feet

And crushed by the heels of cold brutality

The wicked driven to snuff out all goodness;

A country of eternal hope defiled

Ruined from within

Ruined from without

And the worst yet to come.

For the many stars who shine in this darkness

Brightness of the remnant few,

The “Word made flesh” stands True

Greatest  authority, most powerful One above all;

Our new day is as a dawning Light

Shining brighter and brighter!