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Once lost to human nature

Now found in God’s love

And the God who is love,

Secrets hidden from the soul

Mysteries to the spirit from birth!

Yet, the heart longs

The heart still yearns

An emptiness groans deep within

The mind struggles with the confused, awful sense of “nothingness”;

Hunger gnaws, despair nips at the ankles

A demon of depression covers as a dark, suffocating cloud.

Illusive perfection

And the “human being”, impossible to satisfy.

As a door left open in the night

Invites many unfriendly strangers to walk right in.

Desire for more becomes a seed planted

Need rises up within and without

Personal need grows, constantly draws into an inner openness

Seeking until finally, through all the many trials

All the harsh struggles of our constant search

“True meaning” springs up unexpectedly

Real purpose then stares us in the face

With the raw ultimate choice-

To continue to wallow in the world

Or to separate to Heaven!


The right choice,

To continue to walk the endless path of confusion and conflict

Or to walk in the crystal Light of spiritual clarity

With the gift of faith through God’s grace held out,

To muddle on the rough road of selfishness

Or to choose new life of freedom in Messiah

To enter through simple childlike belief, the Cross of the only Savior

Most narrow gate, small gate of Yeshua’s Cross,

To reach out at last

To take hold of revelation knowledge offered freely

To celebrate eternal reality of life in our God

To find satisfying joy in purest worship

To fulfill your good, intimate purpose for existence

And swim strongly in the river of abundance

Powerful flow of Holy Spirit gladness

To embrace everlasting life

To truly know Him,

Divine revelation by the compassionate touch

Of the only Living God of Creation.

Now we drink Living Water with the “woman at the well”,

Peace now miraculously experienced

Love now tasted

Eternal Sabbath Rest a pleasure one day at a time…

We who know Him marvel in His splendor

Our eyes begin to see the Majestic King in His beauty.