A most simple butterfly moves its beautiful wings

And the mountains tremble,

The earth shakes,

True reality moves on the sharpest edge of divine truth

The flaming double-edged sword of Messiah’s Spirit!

Families struggle to feed their children

Hungry bellies in the darkness of night,

Sleep very difficult with crying babies;

Fresh and clean water, good cool water more a scarce commodity,

Pollution an ever creeping, consuming tyrant

The authoritarian pride of those who ruin the Earth,

And a brother turns against a brother.

Satan in his reflections of evil, struts about

Seen in the eyes of his many slaves

Lucifer in the triumphant power of perversion,

Deluded politicians as shallow and greedy puppets

Corrupt corporate fascists,

And many religious leaders parade their ways straight into hell;

Military and police but willing enablers.

The King of Truth stands in Heaven

Nations soon to become dust

Bodies of human soon to cover the ground in piles of waste;

A remnant of chosen ones from all tribes and lands

Will adorn Heaven’s chosen City

God’s chosen Holy Nation,

Even we who now rule with purity and love

In the midst of our enemies.