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My mommy’s car needs to be clean,

Clean on the outside

Clean on the inside, too.

At the car wash,

A dark tunnel with lots of water shooting at us

Some scary arms and legs hang down, reach out

Hit and slap the car

Whole bunch of soapy things slap and splash,

Noisy things that scare me,

They come close like sea monsters

Cover the windows with stuff like “cool whipped cream”,

Makes me afraid, it gets too dark.

I think of dreams when I try to sleep,

Ones I had in my bed at night

No!  Not good, just bad!

Then, wind from a loud storm blows at us,

And, we can see,  We are free!

I don’t want to be in that tunnel again

I want to see the shiny sun

Light, not darkness

I want to see the blue sky with white clouds

Green grass and flowers and trees

And people that smile because they’re happy

Yes, fresh air blowing with real wind, you know,

I don’t want to be in Mommy’s car

When that monster cleans the inside, too!