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KIDS  READ  12/15 – A  HUG

A young child stands off alone

Uncertain mind swims with thoughts

Emotions muddy the once clear waters

Questions mix and stir together

Acceptance, acknowledgement, self worth,

Confusion creeps in

And lingers to grip

Until the hug of a grandmother draws near

And warmth melts all,

A grandfather’s expressions of love help clear the air,

Parents also reinforced.

The young child stands free as a child again

Genuine excitement, genuine enthusiasm takes strong hold once more

Gladness in sharing spontaneous thoughts and other things

Experiences that cover with the comfort of meaning

Little things, small things that build together into refreshing purpose,

Fears and anxieties filtered out

Swept away by smiles and honest words of love;

The cleansing gift and bond of family soothes

Assures the most tender feelings

Helps anchor the many new experiences.

The young ones who often stand with quiet, hidden needs

Without words to explain,

A heart just learning to search and grasp

Becoming aware of invisible treasures

In a mystical, distant field;

A right taste for goodness newly developed

Honest delight in a love too rarely seen.

The Lord of Truth stands and watches all from Heaven

He moves one, stirs another, creatively colors a circumstance

Contingencies without number,

His gentle heart flutters as a most powerful butterfly

And heaven and earth are shaken.