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Old gravel road

Winds past the small baseball park on the edge of town

Leads to the iron ore open pit,

Rough dirt road scraped across a field, through trees

Past our favorite blueberry patches,

Hard weather beaten road

Good for walking and picking special rocks

Red rocks that glow in the sun

Yellow rocks that glow in the hand

Agates like jewels.

A young boys rich delight

A young boy’s path of discovery

The good search-eyes fixed, focused intently

Step after careful step

With eyes like superman’s that penetrate

Sort and sift and find these treasures

Fifty feet, a hundred yards

Half a mile, a mile, maybe more

And the pockets bulge,

Precious stones, this young one’s marvel

Another satisfying, rich day full of wonder

Fresh air, blue sky

A good lake not far away, fish that wait

Much swimming and fishing to do.

A good summer day to let the imagination wander

To let thoughts run free

And the mind explore,

Expectations of others forgotten

Teachers, parents, coaches and friends,

To just be a kid doing kid things!