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KIDS  READ  10/15 – OKAY

I can count to ten

Again and again

Up and down,


Forwards and backwards

Sounds and animals and colors and fruit

Numbers and letters in a row,

Soon, I will really know!

Letters into words,

Words in a row

To teach me, I know

Numbers like in a parade

To juggle things, I know,

One, the blink of one eye

Two, the blink of both

Zero, a plus

One, a minus

Flip- flop, flip-flop

Swirl around the little chip,

A computer for what I already do and know?

I’d rather draw than have to count

I’d rather play than do ABC’s,

Hide and seek

Build a new road in the sand

Jump and climb and swing

Run and kick a ball.


Okay Mom, one more time-

Apple, ape, apple

Bug, banana, bug

Camel, car, camel

Dog, dig…”Hey, stop it little brother;

Leave my stuff alone!”