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Small feet race along the path

Things to see

Things to do

Rocks and trees clustered about

Boulders to climb

A view far and wide

Distant hills blend into clouds,

Strawberry patches to check out

Good berries here and there,

Then, off like a rabbit

Darting here and darting there

Eyes drink in so much.

Down below a creek flows

It splashes and swirls about

Small waterfalls laugh

Pools sing a song as the water moves along.

A watchful adult stands by

Close, but not too close

Eyes always fixed, hands always ready

A healthy smile on the face,

Laughter echoes between the two

Good stream of life

Reflected pools of freedom

A new day and a new chance to explore

Chance for a child to grow

And a man to spiritually mature.

Fleeting moments in fleeting days

As in time gentle white clouds blow along above us both

The sun marches across the sky in discipline

While the Earth spins steadfastly;

Our days pass too quickly

Rich days of childlike innocence,

Easy times needed to “taste and see” our God’s goodness

Experiences that can slip away

And fade so quickly, so easily.