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My little Kitty

He runs where I run, my friend

He jumps where I jump again,

On my bed at night

In the sandbox where I play

On the couch for TV

On any chair,

He makes me laugh,

Always tired, everywhere.

When he eats, always a lot

Water to drink, I don’t forget;

My Kitty digs in the litter box

Yes, makes it stink.

My little Kitty

He likes my hugs

I carry him sometimes out to play,

He runs and hides

I look and yell and look,

That’s how we play.

I like my Kitty

My Kitty likes me

He really is a friend

Stays with me through each day,

Even when I feel bad

Or when I’m sick

Baby Kitty purrs, then jumps away,

He makes me happy

Like it’s a brand new day!