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A secret map to follow

A new place to run to

Hidden treasure to find,

Along an exciting flowing stream

Large branches of trees hang low nearby

Big rocks and things to climb.

Have to walk carefully

Cannot just run,

Something out there

Something hidden from me and you,

A new place to find

A special hole to dig in a field

A special search to do.

So, we dig and chop and search, and dig some more

Deeper into the ground we go

More and more always to be found, we know

And we dig and search and dig again

No one gives up.

Hands all dirty, maybe a scratch, a cut or two

Clothes the same,

But, that map with a good plan,

Everything we read says so

We know it; yes, we know it

Our shovels will soon show it

Our minds will grow into it

Our hands will soon hold it.

What our ears have heard

Our eyes will see,

Yes, our hands will hold it!

All God’s children

Pleasure in the land of real living,

In the land of true adventure.