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She rides on a new pony in delight

Small child seated on a small saddle

Eyes large and so bright

Hands hold on tight

Gladness simply radiates

One child’s intense enthusiasm on display

Transparent pleasure worn in true honesty

Only what a child can do.

Gifts from Heaven

Jewels shine in purest light in many ways,

Good-hearted laughter flows forth the same,

Then, she causes more laughter,

Photos taken

Memories in the mind implanted for all time.

A parent, a mother glows

A parent, a father senses hidden tears

Love and sacrifice so freely given

For all the efforts, struggles and trials

Weighed as little upon the balance of love,

Rich joy and satisfaction of intimate commitment

Heavy branches hang with good fruit

Seeds literally planted in joy

Multiplied many times over.

One look into the young face

Cleanest passion of youth

And the tender heart melts,

Grandparents watch closely,

Emotions become as warm liquid within.