God sees me, I know

When I walk, when I jump

When I run and skip

God sees me, I know.

God hears me, too, I know

When I talk

When I sing and pray

When I even whisper and then yell

God hears me, I know.

In my dreams

When I sleep

In my thoughts, what I think

In my mind, I don’t know how,

But even there God hears me think.

When I laugh or when I cry

God is always at my side

At a birthday party or all alone

With my friends, with my family

With people I don’t even know

At school, at play,

I’m not afraid

From the beginning to the end of every day.

How do I know?

When I was really little

One day God talked to me,

Then I saw HIs shiny angel,

He told me so!