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A red truck tears along the newest road

Good sand track for a race

For hauling things back and forth like Daddy,

And to build another house

A larger house, and then a tunnel

Or a bridge to cross over.

More innocent thoughts whirl about in a tiny controlled storm

Covered by bright clouds, spontaneous sounds of gladness

Fun thoughts, good thoughts in a protected sandbox

His small world of refuge and order,

Or her temporary sheltered world she can grasp

Until that melody, that familiar voice breaks through

And Mommy calls for lunch.

Ah!  One last lap

One last load to haul

One last mountain to build!

The small shiny red truck set aside

Till the next day, another time when it becomes…a train.

Clear imaginations to lighten the heart

Then, into the arms of love

Into the arms of stability

Place of comfort, secure in greater strength

Divine plan of family given

For a small child, true sheltered peace, safety given.