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The blazing fire of the dawn

New day in the sun’s brilliant light

Even as the Morning Star rises in hearts

Dew as priceless jewels spread out before Him upon the greenest grass,

As spoken, as written in the Spirit Book of Life,

Even God’s Book of Life in his Son!

In common need, men and women stand all the same

The need to be clothed in honest humility

Wrapped in the whitest white of gracious mercy,

Revelation of eternity found glowing in their eyes and hearts,

Minds to be made one with Messiah

As part of His army of the faithful,

His Body, His Church

Truly created in His image.


Quiet waves of power consume the breathless place before the Holy Throne

Countless eyes watch in growing fearfulness

Many times many ears listen in heightened anxiety;

Then, the rumbling Voice of authority, of complete knowledge

Penetrates each soul with flashes

Heavenly lightning and thunder with great trembling,

Old Earth and its heaven gone forever

All sense of time, of self and worldly purpose fled away

Final judgment of all hangs like heavy fruit to be picked one by one,

To them, forgiveness now as a withered, dry leaf in an unforgiving storm;

The end was always known from the beginning

Life on earth, in the body predestined in divine foreknowledge

Messiah’s eternal forgiveness a gold and silver banner draped across every horizon,

But cast down to the ground by all the hard hearted.

Nothing in thoughts, in words or deeds hidden from transparent display

Shameful nakedness exposed within and without;

The “emerald Light of holiness” radiates only truth all about

Fierce honesty consumes with a great fire, hot coals dart around,

Then the awful sulfur lake that awaits each final command!


Another soul kneels before the splendor of Majesty

Speechless as all others

Yet, wrapped within a peaceful hush of reverence

Deepest reverence a thick, warm coat,

More words thunder forth from the King

Trumpets sound

Books within books are opened before all angel eyes

A sea of angelic presence flows about with diligent, precise movements;

This one also chosen in mercy before time began

Purified day by day in earthly fires

Spirit rebirth tried and tested seven times over,

Through and through in days of perseverance

Scripture for food, prayer for drink

Endurance carried to purest golden completion from infancy

Precious child of God, creation at peace before the Creator

Yeshua Judge and King over all.

A scented, gentle wind lifts and brings to His side

Another chosen son or daughter, another disciple matured

Each transparent detail, each step of the Spirit followed faithfully,

Spiritual body now translucent, shared beauty before all eyes

In a final, lasting glow of heavenly righteousness,

Father’s Spirit lifts and draws ever near,

Carries gently into the atmosphere of the new Heaven’s joy

Alongside a clear, crystal stream

That flows from beneath the only Jerusalem Throne

And reaches out into the newly reborn Kingdom on Earth,

Life wherever the pure waters touch.