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A heart poured out in prayer

Tears of love before the Holy Throne,

Salvation lifted up in the sight of all nations

On display to all generations

Simply, clearly seen

Easily known to all who are willing.

Cross of Messiah

On which eternity, all reality turns

Ultimate sacrifice of love in the face of every darkness,

Obedience in love to the Holy Father

God above all

Seen only through His Son.

Things far beyond any human understanding,

Higher than the heavens above the earth

Limits of the natural mind

Boundaries of thought drawn even in creative imaginations,

Truth and wisdom stand only as a gift received from above.

Treasures for the remnant of mankind stored in Heaven

Ready to be poured out into hearts and lives,

All those who come to the end of themselves

And reach out in need, in worldly emptiness

To be filled with true life at last,

Another precious heart poured out, made ready to be filled again.