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Sweet aroma of truth

Our merciful God of Truth

Pure and just,

Holy Spirit revelation of God from our Creator

Seen in Yeshua

Known in Israel’s Messiah

King of Jerusalem, King of the Jews!

Life from the lover of our soul,

Lover of our spirit being He formed

Who delights in each one of us beyond all understanding

Freely seen in the purest expression of love in His Son

Messiah radiant as the pearl of all honor,

The Heavenly treasure of faithfulness to His Father, our Father

Glory reflection brighter than the sun in His faithfulness shown

More brilliant than the countless stars spread across the Universe,

Words of love always spoken, even forgiveness from the Cross.

Gentle heavenly Spirit winds, truth in life, in humility laid bare,

Most tender, compassionate touch upon the little children,

Upon the lepers, the poor, the blind the same

Religious legalists and prostitutes as well

Every repentant idolater;

Healing flows as a stream of light from strong hands,

The lame and cripples

Spirits even returned to dead bodies.

Healing to body, soul and spirit poured out as a crystal river of peace

In roaring waterfalls

Rapids that thunder

A flood that leaves nothing untouched!


The weight of sinful mankind on His head

Destiny of the Universe crushing down

Arms that stretched out the heavens, galaxies artfully flung out,

Hands that laid the intricate foundations of the earth,

Redeemer, arms stretched out forcefully on the cross in surrender

Hands spiked down, given to His Father’s will.

We who are miraculously called

Predestined through infinite divine foreknowledge,

See no other gate, no other door

No other way to feed the inner need

Or to satisfy the confusing secret heart thirst,

No other trusted Word made flesh for purpose of being

For personal meaning to cleave to in life

To safely wrap about in secure comfort

No other refuge, no other Rock in the midst of Earth’s sifting sand;

Fickle, bitter world, full of tears,

This earth destined to be made clean and new!

Neither Satan nor his endless human slaves, demonic armies

Not any type of abuse, persecution or even martyrdom

Not any financial or emotional pull of anyone or anything

Not the evolving North American police state

Economic tyrants or corrupt politician on high,

Or even the Luciferians, illuminati few who seek to rule,

Nothing and no one can move our eyes and hearts or thoughts,

Our hope fixed on the Holy One, Anointed One, our Redeemer.


Just as the one leper out of ten returned to bow and offer thanksgiving

And as Miriam and other women fearlessly bowed openly before their God

We are of Him, through Him, in Him and for Him,

Our only love now settled forever before the blazing Throne

At Sabbath rest in eternity

Faces set like flint in any storm of stress,

Through every desert death trial

This world and its people can offer;

Our God of power always at our side

Temple presence of absolute authority

Heaven’s temple of love and peace

Our eternal refuge.