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I walked through the door of Light

After hearing a Voice of Peace when I had none,

The eyes of my heart began to open,

Through the Gate I went holding His hand

The Shepherd’s hand of trust

Hand of confident assurance

Hand of heavenly peace in belief

Hand of my Lord.

As so long ago, the unknown always before me

Each detail of every step

Yet, no fearful mystery

The divine comfort of the Spirit of faith surrounds.

My mind sees the scorched landscape of this world system on proud display

Its barren desert, spiritual wasteland

Once noble cities and towns in human ruin,

A country once soaring as the most powerful eagle of all

In greatness of wealth and strength,

But now, the moral character of a nation nearly ruined and left naked.

A nation becoming defenseless from every predator and scavenger

Every wild animal of the earth

Eaten from within by parasites of lustful men and women

Self-consuming, greedy and violent mobs

Scheming intellectual anarchists

Political and economic fascists

Who feed on the corpse of what could have been;

Lying leaders reach only for more

Corporate beasts feed only themselves,

Incredible, insatiable appetites.

Tragically these dark shadows darkened even more by false shepherds

Religious deceivers, worst of all mankind

Who use holy names and holy words

To curse themselves and all those who listen!

The darkness never understands

The darkness can never put out the true Light

The Spirit door of the Way of Truth always stands nearby

Life meant for all, found by few

Yeshua Messiah’s arms of love reach very far,

Draw very close;

Yet, His door soon to close forever in the face of men and women

Who choose rebellion and stubbornness

Who yield to the lawless beast system

The spirit of the anti-Christ at work this very day,

Even in a nation becoming rotten to its very core.