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The true path of Kingdom peace we now walk

Kingdom of mercy as a living revelation traveling through time,

Gone only once before with strides of power and authority

The Ancient One, mighty Anointed One, King Eternal

Absolute, triumphant in obedience,

Faithful love, eternal conqueror of death.

Honesty looks completely into our eyes

Pierces the soul

Floods the spirit, nothing left hidden,

Everything put on open display in every realm;

Truth exulted in such a humble way

Meant for little children to grasp in their innocence

To hold tightly with tiny hands

Ones that eagerly clutch onto toys

And small blankets in the night,

Who hold cookies and treats with flashes of pure joy,

Who hold on tightly with a trust lost by nearly every adult,

Discovered once again by sadly only a few.

A woman, a mother, walks in quiet confidence

Lasting beauty at rest within

Tried and tested, a proven disciple of the only worthy Teacher,

Spirit of Messiah most intimate

Precise and delicate and timely,

Living words lived out in another so precious

Treasure discovered in her field,

Tender pruning of her life

Kind touches of guidance, forgiveness sown and reaped,

Heavenly wisdom pours, gently flows from these lips freely as healing balm

As ancient written words come forcefully alive in one more.


She walks in confident peace, every need met

Trust settled into assurance of final rest,

Body and soul bathed often in aromatic oils and fragrant perfumes

Clothed in glowing beauty more than Esther

Whitest robe embroidered with silver and gold

Radiant flowers as a colorful crown on her head

True beauty beyond earthly breath

Aroma of Christ all about

Fragrance of life a far reaching scented cloud before and trailing after,

Atmosphere of divine revelation, of divine knowledge

Light gives birth to more light

In Heaven’s righteous law of abundance,

Draws near a child so chosen

One who believed and received

Mysterious Tree of Life a longing come true

Continual feast at the richly scented table of delight

Banner of honor stretched above from horizon to horizon

Bowed as Mary and others at the Master’s feet those early days

Greatest pleasure of inner being

In essence revealed, carried along in gentle spirit winds.

Once the Glory Light on the face of most humble Moses

Divine words carried, written on stone,

Now eternal glory of the Holy Spirit

Written on youthful hearts of flesh;

They move in triumphal procession in Yeshua

Small Gate of His cross, our cross

Narrow road of perseverance and endurance walked

Heaven’s joy a gift fully received,

Fragrance of life carried on wings of destiny to distant shores

Things too wonderful, too beautiful

Described without limited human words

Greatness revealed in the greatness of our God;

A royal train follows royalty into the golden temple of His love

Jewels sparkle all about, jewels sing as angels, exquisite melodies,

Thundering songs of worship, rumbling voices of praise.

Hushed reverence as she enters

Another daughter of Eve

Another faithful daughter of Jerusalem,

In holiness offers a pure sacrifice of thanksgiving for life,

Honor before the Majestic Throne of the One

Who dwells in unapproachable Light.