A night vision- shackles hold a man

Upright, chains hang down from the ceiling

Body stripped bare, skin torn open

Joints strained, muscles stretched painfully;

Dirty concrete floor, splattered filth,

Yet, words heard mumbled over and over and over,

Faint, hardly audible-

“Love of Yeshua, blood of Yeshua, love of Yeshua…”.

He is not alone

Beautiful Spirit sisters, other brothers hung nearby the same

In wickedly perverse violations, degraded

Dried blood and fluids stain the torso and legs

From their swollen lips, his words are echoed.

A very large windowless room, dimly lit, poorly vented

The air is foul and heavy

Different loud voices can be heard

Those of men and women, tormenters from foreign nations

All seemingly intoxicated with dark pleasures;

American overlords heard whispering in English in the shadows as well,

Directing, extracting the most in pain and information.

Invisible forces also surround, as a dark cloud

A demon horde as calves skipping about

Celebrate the moments, giddy and gleeful,

Taking utmost perverse delight.

Shrieks and screams of “kill them” rise,

As body life slowly, steadily ebbs away,

In a calculated, measured death struggle,

His face-my own face seen, and those of women and men met or seen before;

I am not surprised, not afraid or shocked

Old self already long dead,

Already carried far away from this moment.