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Seven long silver trumpets about to sound loudly

The end known from the beginning

Clearly and simply known,

Justice about to be poured out;

Earth and world blinded by chosen darkness

The “universe of self” consumes all reason, all healthy thought

Sears the conscience

Voids all true spiritual sensitivity

Exults each one above the other competitive ego,

Insatiable appetites cry out for satisfaction,

Greed grins as drool runs from the corners of open mouths.

Leaders of governments, economies and religions

Give off the stench of envy and lust and pride

Even some who claim to know the humble Carpenter, the simple Shepherd

Yet ride upon the highest waves

Surf the world as on an unending holiday at a sunny beach,

Predators worse than all the others,

Soon these will stand naked before Him, the Eternal Judge

All the worldly power, earthly wealth and beauty

Potentials and talents of the young

Will evaporate, as dew or as a thin mist about the hollow shell of humanity

And come to nothing,

Honest, pure truth of the Holy Spirit will only measure faithfulness

As the banner of the Faithful One, Name above all covers the heavens.

The earth will bow down at last and all who walk upon it

The cities of the world in true and clean enlightened submission

Even all Israel in solemn repentance,

The rebel nations in bitter denial soon to experience

The force of the King’s heavy sandal upon the neck.

All will soon kneel before Him

Some radiant with praise and thanksgiving,

Celebrating mercy and kindness,

Others violently torn within

In wasted and broken lives of rebellion

Stubborn to the core

Forever lost to Heaven,

Thrown headlong into the place of burning garbage

And to a place of unending fire.