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Wonder and amazement

Powerful love displayed in a world full of hatred

Sincere kindness shown in an unkind world

A gentle touch when personal needs overwhelm,

Feet pulled from all the filth and muck.

An isolated castoff finds a friendly embrace

An unloved woman finds true love at last

And the earth trembles beneath her feet as seen by Solomon,

Joy beams as a new day’s sunlight

The beauty of being alive refreshed

As the scent of flowers wafts about

Perfumed oil on the skin heightens attraction

Incense makes the mind and senses dance freely on a gentle breeze,

Once more seeds of gladness sown

A harvest of gratefulness follows,

Of thanksgiving in worship of our gracious God exulted.

Honest souls completely transparent within themselves

Know the emptiness

The mystery that plagues each person

Lack of hope that carries internal harmony in spirit and truth,

Without peace and love that binds together securely

And leads through the valleys and shadows of our life;

The soul always under attack, constant spiritual warfare against the mind

Thoughts and “voices” to discern,

But new peace from Heaven sees through it all,

His peace and our peace.

To look with amazing faith upon the resurrected form of Majesty

Onto the glowing face set off by radiant long white hair

Into the blazing eyes of fire,

To fall before the shining feet as Mary so long ago,

The only reality

The “sum of all truth”

The Holy One who love us completely

When no other can or will.