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To know Him

The highest calling in human existence

Most noble purpose of being,

Greatest gift above all,

Soars high above our natural life as we experience it;

To know the Creator who spoke each of us into existence

Formed the spirit mysteriously within a tiny child

Body shaped meticulously within the expanding womb,

Lord who sees all the footsteps before the first crawling begins

All the thoughts of the mind before words can even be formed.

Existential intellectual exercises melt as wax on a cheap candle

Selfish mind, prideful intellect of man

Much as a marathon runner sprints out into an endless desert;

True knowledge is divinely revealed to a spirit and soul,

Rescue from the circle snare of death.

Knowledge given in pure communion, in covenant oneness

As the finger of God moves and touches here, and touches there

One by one shown by Noah, Abraham, Moses, King David and many others,

Isaac, Israel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Elijah and Enoch who stand in His presence.


Great things in humility to take hold of,

The sovereign command that was spoken

In powerful Words that never fade

Or become silent, like human words that fall to the ground,

As when the new day comes after promises made to a woman by a man

In passion or in desperation,

Promises that mostly fail

Much as a thought in the mind that slowly unravels,

Even the most sincere intention forgotten.

The Word of God was made flesh

Birthed through a righteous woman

That we might see and hear

That we all might begin to know Him,

Dark veil of the curse to be removed;

Only the Father reveals His Son

Only by the Son, the Gate, the path and narrow road brings to the Father,

The emerald rainbow Light that radiates on another face as angels bow in worship!

Heaven’s knowledge offered in purest friendship

Intimacy more than a faithful lover given

Pleasures in this life beyond all natural human understanding;

The One who can hold the tiny hand while yet in the womb

Still reaches out towards every heart and soul

Trumpets offer beautiful sounds in honor given

Praise thunders about the Throne of Love that draws worship near,

Worthy, Faithful One

Our Lord, our God.