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The world speeds on

Leaves anyone and everyone behind

A race against time, already lost,

Yet, anxiety drives ahead

Manic worry pushes harder and harder,

Competition gloats

No let up in natural forces

No let up in the dark supernatural forces that lie and steal

That move to always destroy

Wear out the good

Wear down and ruin the lives generously given.

Such an impossible dilemma for all mankind

Snare of ambition and envy, trap of fear and pride

What the mind can conceive and imagine

What the hands can shape and make

Earthly survival, fantasy of a tidal wave that chases the weak and foolish.

And still, from day to day the earth basically rotates the same

Always spins the same

Tilts towards the sun in season

Tilts away from the sun in season,

Twenty-four hour cycles for sunlight

Dark to light and back again,

The rhythm of our part of the Universe,

Galaxy, solar system, earth and individual body

Rhythms set in order.

Men long for inner peace but do not find it

Women long for true security but never quite take hold

Needs flood over and around;

Finally a soul cries out towards Heaven

And is heard,

Tears to believe, a heart to receive reaches in faith

Then another and another, two or three gathered together.

For them, to them, time stops,

Eternity is embraced

Eternity clothes the soul and spirit

And the new mind of Christ within begins to understand

Eternity has joined as one in the revelation of Sabbath rest

Mysteries of life begin to be made known

As true peace sprouts wings

And Heaven’s security wraps arms of loving warmth about the heart.