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At wits end

Almost pulling out the hair of anxiety

The temptations of worry wash over

Body and emotions nearly exhausted

Mind clouds and thoughts muddle

Exasperation holding hands with frustration,

Fatigue takes its toll;

Then something invades the mind and gently strokes with thoughts

A delicate, sensitive external force,

A tender memory of a person, of a time and a place

A conversation with laughter

A protected circumstances of a heart filled prayer

And a God who answered,

At a time of deepest need, a moment of intimacy with God revealed.

The experience rushes back into the present, a presence well known

Proof of a greater love

Proof of the greatest creative power above all

Facts and results, the living presence of Messiah’s peace within,

Treasured gift of grace,

And divine wisdom to understand it!

Knowledge of God is a golden crown

Eternal praise a holy seal within my spirit;

A new reviving wind blows upon us all

On a very hot day in fallen America,

When life often becomes a wasteful toil,

A soothing moment of revival rains down

The Holy Spirit carries us, each one shepherded along

Our unique path of purpose in a peaceful life,

Caught up in Messiah Yeshua’s loving arms.

Such intimate beauty of trust

Just as young John leaning on His shoulder that night of destiny

A young Apostle, teen with perceptions beyond his age

Grasp of truth more than all his teachers

Knowledge in visions greater than seven aged kings about a round gilded table,

Moments of purest tenderness at most stressful times

Rich experiences with our Lord that never fade.