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With the setting sun goes a heavenly sign

The shadow hint of reality moves across the opposite wall

And few notice

Lost moments, lost chances are now gone,

Even a dim reflection of the eternal truth in warmth and light

Comes and goes in a human life, then fades away,

Spirit revelation from above, only a shooting star.

Clouds that water the earth

Intricate beauty of a single flower,

Countless other flowers off to the glowing horizon,

Wonderment of a child, eyes large and bright

Who discovers again and again,

Or a woman who finds love

And embraces with all of her being.

The natural heart has no ears

No eyes to see in the Spirit

Where grace and truth sit enthroned,

The mind in all its expansive power at best clouded,

Soul muddled in the daily dimensions of this life

Cares and anxieties, money and worries,

Self meaning and self-worth

Fulfillment always just out of reach,

Insatiable appetites search for more to satisfy.

Then, someone loved falls over dead

And the family stands numbed, shocked at the sudden change,

The cold finality of a body,

Nothing but weakness in the face of what can swallow each one whole;

Even then the heart and mind grope about

Arms flail at the wind, only tearful cries echo back

A mountain blocks out the sunlight

The moon and stars as well,

A hopeless dilemma rises above the distance that expands.

Who will cry out at last, and be heard

What clear voice will rise into the invisible Heaven above all consciousness

And truly be heard, and answered at last?

Only little children who can listen to the Father

Who can learn to believe, willing to receive Heaven’s indescribable gift,

Those who can approach the Throne as humble, open-hearted little ones

Those who gladly choose mercy and life

Bowed in humility, numbered and written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!