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My ears have learned to hear a gentle voice

In the bustling crowd

On the noisy street in the midst of the city

Along a sidewalk in a park

By the ocean, along a river, up a mountain

Alone at night,

A kind voice that speaks peace tenderly within,

All while electronic and invisible energy waves bombard chaotically.

Later, a needed walk through the local food market

Vegetables of every sort in abundance

So beautiful on the surface

Yet, often lacking minerals and balanced food value,

City drinking water seemingly processed through a chemistry lab

Trace heavy metals, synthetic hormones and bits of pharmaceuticals,

And worse- fluoride!

But Messiah’s Spirit says to trust

To rest in confidence even as fine jet spray settles down from above,

Even as cities lie shattered in Eastern Ukraine and elsewhere.

To trust and rest in Heaven’s peace

Heaven’s free gift

Eternal knowledge of God a treasure seeded deep within a human spirit

More precious than any jewels

Greater value than silver or gold, or other rare metals

Eternal gift of Messiah’s Spirit poured out generously,

More powerful than the craft and wickedness

The carelessness, recklessness, inventive foolishness of any man

Or any woman or group of any nation.

Pure water flows

From the Mountains of Israel

Waters the lush orchards and fields

Invigorates at every level,

Cleanses and heals!

The fate of mankind in “wars and rumors of wars”,

As self destructive human nature falls lower and lower

The wicked will act wickedly as Prophet Daniel wrote

But the wise shine brightly as the sun, he continued.

Yes, there is always truth and well-being peace to be found

A mighty Kingdom of Peace in a healthy garden of delight

Ruled by the King of all spiritual Jews

Who provides food and drink, air to breathe, a quiet atmosphere

Bathed in new sunlight;

His lovely children flock to Him

Most beautiful in His sight, gathered beneath His wings,

Comfort and safety at His side.

Even the death of the body

Now a passing scent of incense

Carried on a calming evening breeze as the Holy Voice calls another home,

The New Day Sun soon to rise in every heart

In every resurrected spiritual body.