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Secret place of God’s dwelling

Mystery of eternal majesty

Creative wonder of all that is

All that has been

All that ever will be,

Kingdom knowledge revealed in Yeshua.

In the Spirit of Israel’s Messiah

In the stream of all life

River of purifying fire from the Throne of God

From the heart of Messiah, consuming love,

The holy fire of true purpose consumes.

Man in all of his prideful pomp

Woman in her often arrogant foolishness,

Both exposed in the light of truth

Naked in sinful rebellion

Without worldly covering, accountable for every thought

Every word misspoken

All that was done or not done;

Heaven’s justice holds a very sharp sword

Its edges sharper than sharp

They divide soul and spirit

Reveal all the puzzling secrets

All the hidden human enigmas

Human mysteries wrapped with mind and will,

Pierces, penetrates all with purest light

Filters out the world as righteousness from Heaven made perfectly clear.

The Spirit of Messiah has made plain and simple

The Gate, the path and the narrow road

The Holy Spirit leaves no stone unturned,

In the presence of the only solid Rock

Mountain that fills the earth,

Everything is seen, made completely visible

Nothing is hidden from the Judge’s sight.

We who move in step with Him

Who walk the earth in confident Spirit control

Amazed and in awe,

Knowledge of the Scriptures a priceless treasure within,

Intimate knowledge of the sovereign power of His Spirit,

Things too wonderful;

Our only surprise

In the greatness of His love,

The Majesty of His Beauty beyond mere words!