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A small child wanders in this world

Alone and lost

Hungry search for something, someone to hold onto

Security, a place of safety, of refuge

Arms to hide in, a chest to burrow into;

When all that is known

Every possible good, what should be trusted,

Suddenly melts away

Becomes less than a thin mist

Dew in the face of summer heat

Even as another soul slips away forever,

Time too short, time always too short.

Tears are not enough for comfort

So much once thought understood, now dissolved as a vaporous myth,

Just as water and money flow through the slippery fingers;

Yet, this young life on the run

Desperate for lasting peace

Thirsty for what is real

Beauty of youth starved for true love,

Struggles along a rough path through thick woods and brush

And then endless barren rock strewn fields

That stretch in front and behind to the horizon of each day

While the indifferent sun rises and sets over and over again,

And now tired, aching feet move onto hard earth, unforgiving dirt.

Who to turn to

Where to go,

On her knees at last in a driving rain

A storm’s darkness all about

Harsh wind rakes the face until numbness covers.

At that moment an invisible hand reaches out

Seemingly from nowhere,

A soft touch of kindness and tenderness

As the shelter of Living Truth is revealed at last

The sum of all reality made known as a tiny seed

Planted somehow within

Rest is found in a temple of peace

A new Voice soothes and heals

Refuge within His temple of peace,

Within the temple of God’s love

The endless ocean of Heaven’s love!