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Shepherd of peace

Quiet for the soul

Calm for the spirit

Shalom for the body;

He walks among us

Lord above all with eyes that search for each one

Seeks to love His own

Care for His sheep

His flock of mercy

The lambs carried in very strong arms

The ewes guided along with tenderness

Led to those green pastures written about by King David.

He loves His children

All are His “little ones”

Eyes that saw their creation even before good seeds were sown together

And watched their body shapes take form

Until birth into a world defying eternal hope,

Yet, a most beautiful smile meets each pair of tiny eyes

A future of wonder seen drawn out with pleasure

Mercy would carry

Mercy would cover the path whether smooth or rocky

Mercy would soon birth the new creation within

And mercy would continually reveal love’s true kingdom home.

Shepherd of my soul

Shepherd of trust

Steadfast love that overcomes all

Shepherd of hope with a taste of heavenly goodness always held out

Food clean and healthy to draw each sheep near

Lambs skipping playfully after,

Worthy Shepherd

Only worthy Shepherd who holds our lives so near to His own

Only worthy Shepherd most powerful

All enemies tremble at the thought of His Name

The Name of our Shepherd written boldly on our foreheads

As the only brand, seal of love

Where joy remains with wings of complete freedom.